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Keynote Speakers


Aurélien Baillon

Professor of Economics of Uncertainty, Erasmus University Rotterdam,

the Netherlands


Aurélien Baillon is Professor of Economics of Uncertainty, in the Behavioral Economics group. He studied economics and management at Ecole Normale Superieure de Cachan and has a Ph.D. in economics from Arts et Metiers Paristech. Aurélien's work focuses on individual decision making under risk and ambiguity. Through both empirical and theoretical studies, his research addresses issues in subjective probability elicitation, models of attitude towards risk and ambiguity, and aggregation of expert opinions. His articles were published in such journals as The Economic Journal, Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, American Economic Review and others. 

Arthur Lewbel

Professor of Economics,

Boston College, USA


Arthur Lewbel is the inaugural Patrick Roche Professor of Economics at Boston College, and is known in the fields of applied microeconomics and econometrics. He is an editor of Econometric Theory, former co-editor of the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, a fellow of the Econometric Society, a fellow of the Journal of Econometrics, holds a Multa Scripsit award, and is ranked number 30 on Coupe's list of top economists in the world by publication. Lewbel's economic research is mainly in the areas of micro econometrics and in consumer demand analysis.

Keynote Speakers of the Previous Conferences


Michael Ehrmann 

Chief of Economic and Financial Research, 
Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Canada


Sara Fisher Ellison

Senior Lecturer, Economics Department,
Massachusetts Istitute of Technology, USA


Alessandro Gavazza

Professor, Department of Economics, 
London School of Economics, UK

Graeme A. Hodge 

Professor, Law Faculty,
Monash University, Australia


Elisabetta Iossa

Professor, Department of Economics and Finance,

University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

Michael Keane

Nuffield Professor of Economics, 
University of Oxford, UK



Neil Kellard

Professor, Head of
the Finance Group, 
Essex Business School, UK


Michael Lamla

Professor in Finance, 
PhD Programme Director (Finance)

Essex Business School, UK

Jörg Oechssler

Professor, Department of Economics,

University of Heidelberg, Germany

Yuri Tserlukevich

Associate Professor, Finance, ASU W.P. Carey 
School of Business,


Michael Waterson

Professor of economics, Department of Economics,

University of Warwick, UK