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Papers and Presentations

Day 2, 22 Sep,
Keynote talk 1

Professor Graeme A. Hodge, Monash University
"Public-Private-Partnership: Ambiguous, Complex, Evolving and Successful"

Day 2,22 Sep, Round table on publication strategies
Moderator: Dmitri Vinogradov

 Round table on publication strategies (PDF, 85 Кб)

Day 3, 23 Sep, Keynote Talk 2

Professor Alessandro Gavazza, University of London
"A Quantitative Analysis of the Retail Market for Illicit Drugs"

Day 3, 23 Sep, Keynote Talk 3
Professor Neil Kellard, Essex Business School

"Commodity Prices and Long-Run Economic Growth: 1650-2010"

Day 2, 22 September 2014

 Theoretical modelling of economic process 

Dr. Philip Ushchev, HSE-Moscow; Oleksandr Shepotilo, HSE; Volodimir Vakhitov, Kyiv School of Economics

"Wages, productivity, and market power"

Dr. Aleksandr Vashchilko, HSE-Perm
"Retaliation: symmetric vs asymmetric"

Danil Fyodorovykh, HSE-Moscow

 Effects of legalizing bribe giving and returning bribes (PDF, 94 Кб)


Session Private-public interactions 1

Dr. Paola Valbonesi, University of Padova, HSE; Luigi Moretti, University of Padova 
"Firms' qualifications and subcontracting in public procurement: an empirical investigation"

Dr. Anastasia Redkina, HSE-Perm
"Using remedies in merger control"

Maxim Silin, Dr. Elena Shadrina, HSE-Perm

"Sustainable public procurement: Olympic Sochi experience" (PPTX, 1.65 Mb)


Day 3, 23 September 2014

Session Intellectual capital

Prof. Carlos Maria Fernandez Jardon Fernandez, University of Vigo, HSE-Perm
"The importance of intellectual capital on environmental attitude in subsistence small businesses"

Dr. Petr Parshakov, Yulia Naidyonova, Alexey Chmykhov, HSE-Perm
"Football sponsor: fan or businessman?"

Dr. Maria Molodchik, HSE-Perm;
Dr. Angel Barajas, Prof. Carlos Maria Fernandez Jardon Fernandez, University of Vigo, HSE-Perm

 Intangible-driven performance: SMEs vs large companies (PPTX, 226 Кб)

Dr. Elena Shakina, HSE-Perm;
Dr. Angel Barajas, University of Vigo, HSE-Perm;
"Intangible-intensive profile of a company: a way to outperforming"

Session Markets, Equilibria and Distortions 

Dr. Alexander Porshnev, Tatiana  Silinskaya, Ruslan Novikov, Evgeny Polyakov, Vladimir Rossohin, HSE-Nizhny Novgorod

 Relationship between emotional states of Twitter users and stock market indicators: search for casuality (PPTX, 977 Кб)

Dr. Sergey Kichko, HSE-St.Petersburg

 Optimality, relative factor endowments and distortions from trade (PDF, 165 Кб)

Azamat Kashakbaev, CERGE-EI

"Price advertising in a market of conspicuous goods"

Dr. Roman Chukhay, HSE-Moscow

 Word of mass: the relationship between mass media and word of mouth (PDF, 560 Кб)

Session Regional studies 

Dr. Vera Ivanova, HSE-Moscow
Spatial interaction of Russian cities: an empirical study

Dr. Mirzobobo Yormirzoev, HSE-Perm

 Determinants of regional migration flows from former Soviet republics to Russia (PDF, 298 Кб)

Dr. Vladimir Sokolov, HSE-Moscow
"Regional inflation and financial dollarization"

Session Private-public interactions 2

Dr. Svetlana Suslova, HSE-Perm

 The quasi-markets of social services: the competitiveness of Russian non-profit organizations against for-profit organizations and public providers (PPTX, 194 Кб)

Dr. Andrey Ivanov, Saint Petersburg State University 

 Applying modelling in the process of anti-corruption expertise of legal regulation of public procurement (PDF, 788 Кб)

Dr. Elena Shadrina, HSE-Perm; Dmitri Vinogradov, Universityof Essex; Larissa Kokareva, CentralAsia, Crown Agents Ltd. 
"What should a PPP legislation govern?"

Session Labour Market and the Economy 

Ekaterina Alexandrova, HSE-St.Petersburg; Dr. Andrey Aistov, HSE-Nizhny Novgorod

 Paper: Estimates of individual returns to additional training constrained by internal labour market mobility (PDF, 283 Kb)


 Presentation: Estimates of individual returns to additional training constrained by internal labour market mobility (PDF, 367 Kb)

 Dr. Marco Lilla, LIS Cross-national Data Center

 Falling behind or catching up? Cross-country evidence in intra-generational wages mobility through pseudo panels (PDF, 348 Kb)


 Dr. Douglas Campbell, University of California

 Relative prices, hysteresis, and the decline in American manufacturing (PDF, 1.09 Mb)


Session Markets and consumer behaviour

Dr. Evgeny Yakovlev, HSE-Moscow; Lorenz Kueng, Kellog School of Management, Northwestern University
"How persistent are consumption habits? Micro-evidence from Russia's alcohol market"

Olga Novikova, Dmitriy Potapov, Natalia Kochkina, HSE-Perm
Brand equity measurement: consumer choice model

Prof. Dennis Coates, University of Maryland, HSE-Perm

 Willingness to pay to host the Summer Olympic Games (DOCX, 66 Kb)