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Practical Information

Getting to the Conference Venue
Address: Perm, ulitsa Studencheskaya, 38
Getting to Conference Venue from Zhemchuzhina Hotel
The Zhemchuzhina Hotel is the closest to the conference venue - about 10 minutes walk. 
Traveling to Conference Venue from Bolshoye Savino Airport
By Taxi
Approximate cost from the airport to the conference venue is 700-1000 RUR depending on time of day, traffic and amount of luggage. Remember to pay only the price displayed on the actual taxi meter. 

Information for the conference participants staying at the Zhemchuzhina Hotel:
You may want to hire a taxi from/to the Perm airport. To book your transfer, please call +7-342-261-90-91 or email to book@gem-hotel.ru in advance. In your letter, please indicate the flight number and the arrival time, your name and inform the hotel whether you want to be met in the arrival lounge with your nameplate/a plate with the name of the hotel. Otherwise the car will be waiting for you outside the terminal. The cost of the transfer is 1000 roubles (€ 13) for economy class car and 1400 roubles (€ 18) for business class car. The price is paid during  check-in. 

Time Zone

Perm is located in the Yekaterinburg Time Zone. Yekaterinburg Time  (YEKT) is the time zone six hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time: GMT+6 and 2 hours ahead of Moscow Time (MSK+2). All timetables on Russian Railways (except Sakhalin railways) follow Moscow Time. Airports however follow local time. 
Useful link: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html.

Tap water is chlorinated. However, it is recommended that you consume bottled water, which is readily available.

There are many places to eat in Perm, with some of them run by the University. 
University Cafeterias

HSE-Perm buildings at 38 Studencheskaya ulitsa (Conference Venue), 37a boulevard Gagarina and 27 Lebedeva ulitsa have their own  cafeterias  where you can enjoy a wide range of hot food and snacks. Average receipt: 100-300 rubles.

Cafés & Restaurants around HSE-Perm

We will name just a few which are the closest to HSE-Perm buildings: 

- Yapona Matryona Sushi Bar. 42a ulitsa Krupskoy. Average receipt: 250-800 rubles.

- Khutorok (“The homestead”) Café. 34 ulitsa Druzhby. Average receipt: 1000-1200 rubles. In the daytime the business lunch is available, average receipt: 100-300 rubles.

- Lakomka (“Sweet-tooth”) Café. 23 ulitsa Druzhby. Average receipt: 500-600 rubles.

- Pechki-Lavochki (“Idle chatter”) Café. 38 ulitsa Krupskoy. Average receipt: 200-500 rubles.

How to dial a Perm phone number internationally
Call to Russian Federation Landline, Perm:

XXX: International Access Code /  7: Country Code for Russian Federation / Area code: 342 / Local Subscriber number: 7 digits (xxx-xx-xx)

Call to Russian Federation Mobile, Perm:

XXX: International Access Code / 7: Country Code for Russian Federation / Mobile Number

Call to Perm from Russian Federation Landline: 8 dial tone (342) xxx-xx-xx

Call to Perm from RF cell phone: +7 (342) xxx-xx-xx

Useful link: http://www.russiacards.com/en/russia/how-to-call/russian-cell-mobile-phone

Business Hours

Usual business hours in Russia: 

Banks 8am or 9am-5pm or 6pm Mon-Fri

Offices 8am or 9am-5pm or 6pm Mon-Fri

Restaurants noon - 11am, many are in fact virtually 24hr establishments.

In Perm, a lot of stores are open on Sundays. 

Useful link:       http://www.visaexpress.net/russia/holidays.htm