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Papers and presentations

 MONDAY, September 23  
10:00-11:30Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 International Economics and Finance
10:00-10:30Muhammad Zubair, Institute of Business Management, Korangi Arm imports and conflict: implications for developing countries in post 9/11 scenario
10:30-11:00Jhon Piccione, HSE University Post-merger integration of labour relations in international M&As, exemplified by the automotive industry 
11:00-11:30Douglas Campbell, New Economic School Trade Induced Technological Change: Did Chinese Competition Increase Innovation in Europe?
10:00-11.30Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Sustainability and Pro-environmental Behavior
10:00-10:30Elena Shadrina, HSE University - Perm  Diesel or petrol: what matters for choices with environmental impact?
10:30-11:00Dmitry Koshcheev, HSE University - Perm  Projecting sustainable tourism clusters: territorial identity approach
11:00-11:30Anastasiya Bozhya-Volya, HSE University - Perm  Youth Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Cities Sustainable Development
12:00-13:30Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Development and Growth
12:00-12:30Dmitri Vinogradov, University of Glasgow

Yousef Makhlouf, Nottingham Trent University,
Neil Kellard, University of Essex

Finance-Inequality Nexus: the long and the short of it
12:30-13:00Jithin Podikkalathil, IIT MadrasSuresh Babu, IIT MadrasLinkages between financial services FDI and financial development: causality evidence from emerging economies
13:00-13:30Robert Mullings, Nottingham Trent University Trade integration and economic growth: an alternative approach using Network Science
12:00-13:30Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Education
12:00-12:30Anna Panova, HSE University - MoscowMaria Yudkevich, HSE University - MoscowRussian higher education: spillovers of university excellence initiative
12:30-13:00Aleksey Oshchepkov, HSE University - Moscow What drives returns to higher education: evidence from panel data on Russian regions
13:00-13:30Ilya Prakhov, HSE University - MoscowOlga Kotomina, HSE University - Perm,
Alexandra Sazhina, HSE University - Perm 
Parental involvement and educational trajectories of youth
14:30-16:00Keynote Talk 1, Assembly Hall #103  
14:30-16:00 Clemens Puppe, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Klaus Nehring "Resource Allocation by Frugal Majority Rule“
16:30-18:00Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Corporate Governance
16:30-17:00Syed Danial Hashmi, Riphah International UniversitySaqib Gulzar,COMSATS University;
Zeshan Ghafoor,Riphah International University
Sensitivity of firm size measures to practices of corporate finance: evidence from BRICS
17:00-17:30Polina Popova, HSE University-Perm Personal traits of managers as reasons for inclusion in the companies' boards
17:30-18:00Iuliia Naidenova, HSE University-Perm Economic policy uncertainty and company’s investments in human capital 
16:30-18:00Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Public Economics
16:30-17:00Dmitriy Kashin, HSE University-Perm ''Set-aside or non set-aside'': the decision of contracting authorities on public purchases from SME’s
17:00-17:30Stepan Zemtsov, Russian PresidentialAcademy of National Economy and PublicAdministrationVera Barinova, RANEPAInstitutions, state support and entrepreneurship in the Russian regions
17:30-18:00Paola Valbonesi, HSE University - Moscowwith Atmaca, Camboni, Podkolzina, and SchoorsCorruption by collusive underpricing in procurement auctions
 TUESDAY, September 24  
9:00-11:00Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Political Economy
9:00-9:30Lev Lvovskiy, BEROCViktar Fedaseyeu, BEROCWhy do corporate PACs give so little money to politicians?
9:30-10:00Sajjad Faraji Dizaji, Tarbiat Modares University The potential impact of oil sanctions on military spending and democracy in the Middle East
10:00-10:30Dmitriy Vorobyev, Ural Federal University Information disclosure in elections with sequential costly participation
10:30-11:00Dennis Coates, University of Marylandand, HSE-University - Perm, St.PetersburgEvgeniy Zazdravnykh, HSE University - St.PetersburgThe Russian Economic Freedom index and business start ups in the Russian regions
9:00-11:00Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Special Session of the Journal of Industrial and Business Economics
9:00-9:30Dmitri Vinogradov, University of Glasgow and HSE-University, PermG. Giudici and A. MilneCryptocurrencies: market analysis and perspectives
9:30-10:00Stepan Zimin, HSE UniversityDean Fantazzini, MSE MSUA multivariate approach for the simultaneous modelling of market risk and credit risk for cryptocurrencies
10:00-10:30Anthony Annan, Georgia State University Microfinance institutions’ funding and performance in the life cycle
10:30-11:00Petr Parshakov, HSE University - PermElena Shakina, HSE University -St. PetersburgThe downside of a high price: overvaluation pressure in football
11:30-13:00Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Company management and Business Administration
11:30-12:00Aleksandr Rozhkov, HSE-University, Moscow  Customer complaint management in gaming industry
12:00-12:30Kirill Rozhkov, HSE-University, MoscowOlga Oyner, HSE-University, Moscow and PermStrategies for event projects in the contextof tourismophobia
12:30-13:00Ulyana Podverbnykh, HSE-University, Moscow Job Search Strategies of Recent University Graduates: Evidence from Russia
11:30-13:00Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Risk and Uncertainty
11:30-12:00Grigory Chernov, HSE University-Moscow 

Risk attitudes and optimal contracts: an experimental analysis (PDF, 308 Kb) 

12:00-12:30Marina Zavertiaeva, HSE University - PermEkaterina Yachmeneva, HSE University - PermThe influence of CEO personal traits on corporaterisk: can it be managed by compensation policy?
12:30-13:00Dmitry Dagaev, HSE University-MoscowEgor Stoyan, HSE University-MoscowParimutuel betting on the eSports duels: Reverse favourite-longshot bias and its determinants
14:00-15:30Keynote Talk 2, Assembly Hall #103  
14:00-15:30Ayelet Gneezy, Rady School of Management, UC San Diego, USATBA Consumer elective pricing: key findings and future directions
16:00-17:30Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Factor analysis: habits and habitats
16:00-16:30Mariia Molodchik, HSE University - PermEkaterina Yachmenyova, Carlos-Maria Fernandez Jardon Fernandez, HSE University - PermInternal and external sources of product innovation in Russian SMEs: the moderating role of the region
16:30-17:00Konstantin Makshanchikov, HSE University - Moscow Bad habits as barriers to sports for health purposes
17:00-17:30Félix J. López-Iturriaga, HSE University-Perm, University of Valladolid Nieves Lidia Díaz-Díaz,Domingo Javier Santana-Martín,University of Las Palmas de Gran CanariaThe role of political ties and politicaluncertainty in corporate innovation
16:00-17:30Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Industrial Organization
16:00-16:30Evgeniy Zazdravnykh, HSE University - St. PetersburgElena Shakina, HSE University - St. PetersburgNational and international retailer entryin Russia: Does competition really matterfor price?
16:30-17:00Azamat Valei, Ural Federal University Intermediaries in two-sided markets: an economic analysis of the TV advertising industry
17:00-17:30Sofia Paklina, HSE University - PermIuliia Naidenova, HSE University - PermImplementation of IT system in lack of digital laborconditions: Evidence from large Russian companies