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SECTION 1a                        


Section Chair – Dr. Angel Barajas

Organization: University of Vigo

e-mail:  abarajas@uvigo.es




Dr. Pankaj Kumar Gupta

Organization: Center for Management Studies, JMI University

e-mail: pkg123@eth.net

Paper:  Ensembled models for credit default prediction in financing of micro enterprises. 

Co-author: K.K. Jain, GGSIPU, New Delhi 


Evgeniy Ozhegov, Postgraduate Student, AMES Junior Research Fellow

Organization: HSE – Perm

e-mail: eozhegov@hse.ru

Paper Key determinants of choosing government-insured mortgage in Russia.

Co-author: Agatha Poroshina, HSE – Perm



Section Chair - Sergey Izmalkov
New Economic School


Prof. Jesús Muñoz San Miguel

Organization: Universidad de Sevilla

e-mail: jmiguel@us.es

Paper:   Natural gas market in Spain before market liberalization.

Co-author: Yolanda Hinojosa Bergillos, Universidad de Sevilla 


Andrey Tkachenko, Intern Researcher

Organization: HSE – Moscow
Laboratory "Empirical analysis of the enterprises and markets in transition economies"

e-mail: tkachenko_av@hse.ru

Paper:   Impact of different regulatory regimes on public procurement effectiveness.

Co-authors:A. Yakovlev, O. Demidova, O. Balaeva, HSE – Moscow 


Carsten Sprenger, ICEF Assistant Professor, ILFE Head

Organization: ICEF, ILFE, HSE – Moscow

e-mail: csprenger@hse.ru

Paper:   Does nationalization work? Evidence from Russian state takeovers.


SECTION 2a                


Section Chair – Dr. Dmitri Vinogradov

Organization: Essex Business School, University of Essex

e-mail: dvinog@essex.ac.uk



Dr. Angel Barajas

Organization: University of Vigo

e-mail: abarajas@uvigo.es

Paper:   The dynamics of intellectual resources during the economic crisis.

Co-author: Elena Shakina, HSE - Perm


Prof. Natalya Volchkova

Organization: New Economic School

e-mail: nvolchkova@cefir.ru

Paper Russian business groups: substitutes for missing institutions?


Petr Parshakov, DIIA Junior Research Fellow, Lecturer

Organization: HSE – Perm
Department for Investment and Innovation Analysis

e-mail: pparshakov@hse.ru

Paper:   Intellectual capital investments: evidence from panel VAR analysis

Co-author: Yulia Naidenova, HSE - Perm




Section Chair – Prof. Michael Waterson

Organization: University of Warwick

e-mail:  michael.waterson@warwick.ac.uk



Prof. Grigory Kosenok

Organization: New Economic School

e-mail: gkosenok@nes.ru

Paper:   Charter school entry and school choice: the case of Washington, D.C.

Co-author: Maria Marta Ferreyra, Carnegie Mellon University



Prof. Sergey Izmalkov

Organization: New Economic School

e-mail: sizmalkov@nes.ru

Paper: On evaluation of click through rates and conversion rates of different positions in sponsored search auctions



Vera Ivanova, Research Fellow

Organization: HSE – Moscow
HSE Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics

e-mail: viivanova@hse.ru

Paper:   Spatial interaction of Russian regions as a factor of their economic growth: an empirical analysis




Section Chair – Yuri Tserlukevich, Ph.D., Finance, Assistant Professor

Organization: Arizona State University, Finance Department

e-mail: Yuri.Tserlukevich@asu.edu




Dr. Dmitri Vinogradov

Organization: Essex Business School, University of Essex

e-mail: dvinog@essex.ac.uk

Paper:   Weighting probabilities in ambiguity



Miloš Krstić, PhD student

Organization: University of Niš, Faculty of Economics

e-mail: krsticmilo3@gmail.com

Paper The application of rational choice theory in analysis of addiction behavior.

Co-author: Miljana Krstić



Section Chair – Dr. Sara Fisher Ellison

Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

e-mail:  sellison@mit.edu




Philip Ushchev, Associate Professor, Senior Research Fellow

Organization: HSE – Saint-Petersburg,

HSE Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics

e-mail: fushchev@hse.ru

Paper:   Do we go shopping downtown or in the `burbs? Why not both?

Co-authors: Igor Sloev, HSE - Moscow

                       Jacques-Francois Thisse, Universite Catholique de Louvain



Tatiana Mikhailova, Ph.D. Research Associate

Organization: Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

e-mail: tmikhail@gmail.com

Paper:   Looking for multiple equilibria in Russian urban system



SECTION 4a               


Section Chair – Prof. William Megginson

Organization: University of Oklahoma

e-mail: wmegginson@ou.edu 



Sergey Solntsev, LLMS Senior Research Fellow, Senior Lecturer

Organization: HSE – Moscow

Laboratory for Labor Market Studies

e-mail: ssolntsev@hse.ru

Paper:   Senior management labor market: from economic growth to crisis. The case of Russia



Vladimir Sokolov, ICEF Assistant Professor, ILFE Senior Research Fellow

Organization: HSE – Moscow

International College of Economics and Finance

International Laboratory of Financial Economics

e-mail: vsokolov@hse.ru

Paper:   Bailout of strategic industry firms: government target selection decisions and their consequences

Co-author: Yulia Davydova, Citigroup Prime Finance, London, UK



Prof. Grigory Kosenok

Organization: New Economic School

e-mail: gkosenok@nes.ru




Somesh Mathur, Associate Professor of Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences

Organization: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

e-mail: skmathur@iitk.ac.in

Paper:   Trade in climate smart goods of Ecuador: quantitative analysis using trade indices, SMART and gravity analysis



Alexander Porshnev, Associate Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences Department

Organization: HSE – Nizhniy Novgorod

e-mail: aporshnev@hse.ru

Paper:  Could we make better prediction of stock market indicators through Twitter sentiment analysis?


Co-authors: Ilya Redkin, Alexey Shevchenko, HSE - Nizhniy Novgorod