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Papers and Presentations

 FRIDAY, September 21  
10:00-11:15Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Intangible Assets
10:00-10:15Anastasiia Polovnikova, HSE-PermMarina Zavertiaeva, HSE-PermCorporate governance transparency and disclosure and Russian companies value
10:25-10:50Maria Molodchik, HSE- Perm Sofia Paklina, Petr Parshakov, HSE-Perm; Jeff Downing, HSEThe web strategy of global companies: visibility vs. authority
10:00-11.15Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Sustainable Development
10:00-10:25Dmitri Vinogradov, HSE-Perm, University of GlasgowElena Shadrina, HSE-PermNon-monetary incentives and pro-environmental behaviour of individuals and organizations
10:25-10:50Marco Persichina, IRCCS  Other-regarding preferences and social norms in the intergenerational transfer of renewable resources when agent has present-biased preferences
10:50-11:15Tatyana Ponomareva, Alexandra Kuimova, HSE-Perm The interdependence of CEO personal characteristics and amount of investment in environmental CSR projects
11:45-13:00Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Behavourial Economics
11:45-12:10Laura Abrardi, Politecnico di Torino Carlo Cambini, Politecnico di Torino Incentives to Correct Misbehaviour: When Less is Better
12:10-12:35 Alexis Belianin, HSEVadim A.Petrovsky, Kamilla Sharifullina, HSEWhither Risk? Dynamic Measurement of Risk Preferences with Application to Gender Differences Between Children and Adults
12:35-13:00 Ivan Susin, HSEGrigory Chernov, HSEHeuristics Recognition And Learning In Rock-Paper-Scissors Game: Experimental Study
11:45-13:00Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Sustainable Development
11:45-12:10Klaudia Jarno, Poznan University of Economics and Business What drives the share of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption in the European Union?
12:10-12:35Alex Sanz, Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaJordi Perdiguero, Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaCruise activity and pollution: The case of Barcelona.
12:35-13:00Dmitry Koshcheev, HSE-Perm Tourism cluster as an instrument of sustainable development
14:00-15:20Keynote Talk 1, Assembly Hall #103  
14:00-15:20 Uri Gneezy, University of California in San Diego, Rady School of Management, USA Stakes and mistakes
15:45-17:00Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Labour Economics
15:45- 16:10Olga Demidova, HSE Spatial aspects of unemployment in Russia: what is more important, sectoral proximity or geographical proximity?
16:10- 16:35Anastasiya Rylova, HSE-PermEkaterina Zagorodnova, Olga Isopeskul, Marina Polosukhina, Dmitriy Kashin, HSE-PermRussian employers perception: do soft-skills matter for the future workforce?
16:35- 17:00 Laura Rondi, Politecnico di TorinoLaura Abrardi, Politecnico di TorinoIncentivizing the owner: why family firms offer pay-for-performance contracts to their CEOs
15:45-17:00Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Sustainable Development
15:45- 16:10Olga Kotomina, HSE-PermAleksandra Sazhina, HSE-PermEducation for sustainable development in Russian universities
16:10- 16:35Anastasiya Bozhya-Volya, HSE-Perm Sustainable development of Russian cities: overestimation of housing sector contribution
16:35- 17:00Svetlana Suslova, HSE-PermSarah Busse Spencer Longitudinal and regional variation in numbers of nonprofit organizations in Russia 
 SATURDAY, September 22  
9:00-9:50Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Education
9:00-9:25Alexandr Akimov, Griffith UniversitySonja Kobinger, Mirela Malin, Griffith University

Determinants of student success in finance courses
9:25-9:50Bernardo Pincheira Sarmiento, University of Nottingham Peer effects in the classroom: Evidence from a natural experiment in Chile
9:00-9:50Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Marketing
9:00-9:25Daria Dzyabura, New York University Stern School of Business Siham El Kihal, Frankfurt School of Finance
Marat Ibragimov
Leveraging the power of images in predicting product return rates 
9:25-9:50Agata Leszkiewicz, Center for Excellence in Brand and Customer Management at Georgia State University Extending the customer lifecycle: optimal resource allocation throughout the customer journey 
10:15-11:30Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Cryptocurrencies
10:15-10:40Muhammad Naeem, University of Central Punjab  Extreme return-volume relationship in crypto currencies: tail dependence analysis
10:40-11:05Gianna Figà Talamanca, University of PerugiaMarco Patacca, University of PerugiaDoes market attention affect Bitcoin returns and volatility?
11:05-11:30Dean Fantazzini, Moscow State UniversityStephan Zimin, HSEA multivariate approach for the joint modelling of market risk and credit risk for cryptocurrencies
10:15-11:30Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Marketing
10:15-10:40Ekaterina Mitrokhina, HSE-PermAlina Ozhegova, Evgeniy Ozhegov, HSE-PermSegmentation of theatre audience: latent class approach
10:40-11:05Irina Shafranskaya, HSE-PermDmitriy Potapov, HSE-PermLooking for the profitably loyal clients by modeling CLV for the dining-out chain
11:05-11:30Svetlana Kuzmenkova, PJSC Bank “Ural-FD”Aleksey Chadov, HSE-PermSubscribers` mobility as a potential factor of the cellular services consumption
12:00-13:20Keynote Talk 2, Assembly Hall #103  
12:00-13:20John Rust, Georgetown University, USA Has dynamic programming improved decision making?
14:15-15:50Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Investment and Finance
14:15-14:40Dennis Coates, UMBC, HSE-PermAnna Bykova, HSE-PermFirm performance and regional economic freedom
15:00-15:25El Mehdi Ferrouhi, Ibn Tofail University, Kénitra, Morocco Herding in emerging stock markets: Evidence from Casablanca Stock Exchange
15:25-15:50Dmitri Vinogradov, University of Glasgow, HSE-Perm Central Bank Announcements: Big News for Little People?
14:15-15:50Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Public Economics
14:15-14:40Dmitriy Kashin, HSE-PermElena Shadrina, HSE-PermPublic procurement as a mechanism of SME support
15:00-15:25Roman Bozhya-Volya, HSE-PermAnastasiya Bozhya-Volya, HSE-PermCoproduction of local public goods with the involvement of neighborhood associations
15:25-15:50Paola Valbonesi, University of Padova, HSEAlessandro Bucciol, University of Verona and Netspar;
Riccardo Camboni, University of Padova
Buyers' ability in public procurement: a structural analysis of Italian medical devices
16:15-17:05Stream A, Assembly Hall #103 Quantitative analysis and forecasting
16:15-16:40Dmitriy Afanasyev, Financial University under the Government of the Russian FederationElena Fedorova, HSEOn the impact of outlier filtering on the electricity price forecasting accuracy
16:40-17:05Daria Teterina, HSE-PermEvgeniy Ozhegov, HSE-PermMethods of machine learning for censored demand prediction
16:15-17:05Stream B, Lecture Hall #306 Public Economics
16:15-16:40Riccardo Camboni, University of PadovaLuca Corazzini, University of Venezia;
Stefano Galavotti, University of Padova;
Paola Valbonesi, University of Padova, HSE
Complexity in scoring rule auctions: an experiment
16:40-17:05Tatiana Komarova, London School of EconomicsJorge Balat, University of Texas;
Elena Krasnokutskaya, Johns Hopkins University
Ex-ante and ex-post subcontracting in highway procurement markets